Pausing the Campaign

posted on Mar 3rd, 2019

Content Warning: Pregnancy loss, still birth.

Hey everyone, If you’ve friended me on Facebook, then you already know this. But for those who haven’t, I feel like I need to explain the radio silence of the past week.

Last Tuesday, on February 26th, Teal and I lost our baby. At 20 weeks into our pregnancy, we had a miscarriage resulting in a still birth.

It’s been a really hard week. We both want to be parents very badly and very much wanted this child. We’re grieving and slowly processing together. Part of that processing has been gaining an understanding of the ways in which grief affects us and just how long it could last.

The campaign is paused while we work through this. I want to continue, but I need to work through the initial grief before I can really even make the decision whether or not I can continue this campaign.