Daniel Bingham



Full stack software engineer comfortable with frontend, backend, and infrastructure.

Founder @ JournalHub (https://staging.peer-review.io)
Jul 2022 to Dec 2023

Javascript (React+Redux), Node (Express), PostgreSQL, Terraform, Kubernetes

Solo founder of an open source scholarly publishing platform. Notable features:

  • PDF renderer in React using PDF.js.
  • Google Docs style comments on rendered PDFs.
  • Academic Journal workflow management and review system.
  • Event timeline for papers under review.

Director of DevOps @ Ceros (https://ceros.com)
Oct 2021 to July 2022

AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloudformation, Jenkins, New Relic, Splunk

Scaled to 3 teams with disparate scopes. Notable Contributions:

  • Identified, trained, and promoted three new lead candidates.
  • Growth strategy, multi-team structure, and cross team communication processes.
  • Roadmapping and stakeholder process that gave the teams a high degree of autonomy.
  • Strategy to support development of the product ecosystem by creating a generic application infrastructure in Terraform using Kubernetes.
  • Hired my replacement when I left to pursue Peer Review.

DevOps Lead @ Ceros (https://ceros.com)
Sep 2018 to Oct 2021

AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloudformation, Jenkins, New Relic, Splunk

Founded, assembled, and managed Ceros’ DevOps team. Under my leadership the team:

  • Hired 9 engineers and 1 QE.
  • Automated deployment process and built CI pipelines using Jenkins.
  • Captured infrastructure in code as Cloudformation and then Terraform.
  • Achieved SOC2 and ISO27001 certifications.
  • Added new services and refactored existing services to make them highly available.
  • Observability infrastructure using New Relic.
  • Geen field infrastructure for a new product using Kubernetes and Terraform.

Interim QE Lead @ Ceros (https://ceros.com)
Aug 2019 to Dec 2019

Led the Quality Engineering team in a moment of crisis. Led both DevOps and QE teams.

  • Resolved conflict between QA and Dev Leads.
  • Implemented TestRail to manage test cases
  • Improved test automation processes.
  • Identified potential QE training program.
  • Hired and on-boarded the QE lead.

Senior Developer @ Ceros (https://ceros.com)
Nov 2014 to Jan 2016, Nov 2016 to Aug 2018

Javascript (Backbone, Jquery, NodeJS, some React), PHP, MySQL, Redis, Chef, AWS EC2, ShareJS,

Joined a team of 4 engineers at a Series A startup. Notable contributions:

  • Redesign of the Studio.
  • Javascript SDK.
  • In-studio Font Explorer built around Google Fonts with canvas font rendering engine.
  • Integration with Zencoder for video uploading.
  • Integration with the Noun Project for svg icons.
  • Enterprise SSO Authentication system using Auth0.
  • Animation Editor allowing creation of reusable animations.
  • Transition to a Docker, Jenkins, and Cloudformation based infrastructure.

Software Engineer @ EllisLab (https://ellislab.com)
Aug 2012 to Oct 2014


Joined a team of 12 engineers developing ExpressionEngine. Notable contributions:

  • Designed an updated, modern framework with a flexible ORM, a clean API, and plugin architecture.
  • Developed the Relationship field.

Founder @ Farm to Fridge (https://github.com/danielbingham/FarmToFridge)
Dec 2011 to May 2011

PHP (Zend), Javascript (JQuery), MySQL, Linux

Collaborated with Bloomington’s Local Growers Guild to develop a web-based farmer’s market to be used by individual farms or in person Farmer’s markets.

PHP Programmer @ Ideacode (https://ideacode.com)
Feb 2011 to Nov 2011

PHP (Zend), MySQL

Worked solo on PickYourOwn.org.

Founder @ Fridge to Food (https://www.fridgetofood.com)
May 2010 to Feb 2011

PHP (Zend), Javascript (JQuery), MySQL, Linux

Solo founder of recipe sharing website focused on searching by ingredient. Features:

  • Parse recipes from copy/pasted text into structured format.
  • Searching by ingredient.
  • Voting and reputation system.
  • Tagging system.
  • Photo galleries per recipe.
  • Comment system.

English Language Science Teacher @ Satree Phuket School (http://ecp.phukej.com/)
Jun 2010 to Nov 2010

Taught science and mathematics to middle school aged students. Developed the curriculum and produced all materials. Worked with students who ranged from fluent in English to totally new speakers.

Contract Programmer @ GE Energy Consulting (https://www.geenergyconsulting.com)
May 2009 to May 2010

Java, MS Access

Notable contributions:

  • Run manager to allow MAPS runs to be executed and managed from within ConcordaDB
  • A data importer/exporting allowing ConcordaDB to better handle the data needed for MAPS runs.

Academic Technology Assistant @ Skidmore College - Department of Academic Technology (https://skidmore.edu)
May 2008 to May 2009

Student worker in Skidmore College’s Department of Academic Technology.

  • De-facto programmer and open source expert for Skidmore College’s Academic Technologies department.
  • Nominated for Student Employee of the Year.


In the evenings and on weekends, I work in various capacities to advocate for cooperative approaches, sustainability, democracy, and good governance. I’ve served in non-profits, cooperatives, and local government as a board member, treasurer, task force chair, and committee member. I’ve proposed policy, coordinated working groups, handled finances, and facilitated meetings.

Director, Board President @ Bloomington Cooperative Living (https://www.bloomingtoncooperative.org/)
Mar 2015 to Mar 2016, Mar 2016 to Feb 2019

Bloomington Cooperative Living is a 501(c)3 affordable housing cooperative, democratically governed by its membership. It runs three co-op houses, providing housing to 45 members. Served as a member of the Board for a year, and as its president for three years.

  • Led refinancing of its primary 20 member co-op house
  • Led the mediation and resolution of a major dispute between the houses.
  • Began the project that became The Trellis.
  • Periodically served as treasurer while that role was empty.

Co-chair @ Task Force on Government Innovation (https://bloomington.in.gov/)
Feb 2016 to Aug 2016

A municipal task force created by Mayor John Hamilton to examine the city government of Bloomington, IN and determine how it could be made more efficient, more effective, and more responsive.

  • Facilitated task force meetings.
  • Organized agreement on eleven recommendations.
  • Presented recommendations to Mayor Hamilton.

Committee Member @ Bloomingfoods, Member Linkage Committee (https://www.bloomingfoods.coop/)
May 2015 to Apr 2016

Appointed member to the Member Linkage Committee of Bloomingfoods.

  • Gathered input from the cooperative’s member owners about the co-op’s transition period.
  • Proposed a new committees policy that was passed by the board.
  • Acted as a facilitator for committee meetings.

Director @ Bloomington Community Orchard (https://www.bloomingtoncommunityorchard.org/)
Jan 2012 to Jan 2013

I served on the Board of Directors, participating in board meetings, discussions,and decision making. I also regularly lead volunteer workdays in the orchard itself.


BA, Physics and Computer Science from Skidmore College

May 2009

Completed a double major in Physics and Computer Science.